My volunteering ESCapade – Elena Saucă’s testimonial

Almost three months have passed since I finished one of the most complex, and complete ESCapades so far, and as time goes by, the experience becomes more and more valuable. And that’s why I decided to put it into words- maybe it will inspire you to act where you are.

EduVol – Volunteering as an Educational Opportunity

We have started a new Erasmus+ project – EduVol – Volunteering as an Educational Opportunity, coordinated by PDCO: Platforma dobrovolnickych centier a organizacii (Slovakia) within a strong partnership with Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (Hungary), Udruga za razvoj civilnog drustva SMART (Croatia) and SCW: Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wolontariatu (Poland). Our objectives are: • to enhance the competencies and opportunities of youth to fully […]

Family Volunteering

On December 1st 2019, a new Pro Vobis project started, through which we aim to present and convince you of the value of Family Volunteering.

Corporate volunteers in action – AbbVie Week of Possibilities

For more than 27 years, our organization- Pro Vobis, believed in the power of volunteering to change for the better the communities with which it interacts. Experience has shown us that collaboration has its magical force to multiply the impact we can have on a community. Since 2017 we became part of the Points of Light Global Network and we […]

CiVi – Trained Coordinators – Involved Volunteers

In Romania there are 25 volunteer centers providing the community with similar services, but differently organized, in the field of volunteering. Having this fact as a starting point, Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center initiated and coordinated the CiVi project – “Trained Coordinators – Involved Volunteers” (“Coordonatori instruiți – Voluntari implicați”). CVCN together with other 7 Romanian organizations have decided to merge their […]

SoVol – Social Volunteering

CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE SOCIAL SECTOR through the Development of Volunteer Programs at Social Institutions in the CEE Region – SoVol This project’s goal is that the social sector in the CEE region realizes and learns to utilize the untapped potential that lies in the cooperation with the local community. Through the SoVol European project, social institutions (run by the government or […]

Tools launched at the Key to Excellency Conference

Thursday, April 7th, at “The Volunteer Manager: Key to Excellency in Volunteer Management” conference, we launched the 4 intellectual outputs of the project “Wake-Up Call: Volunteer Manager Role”, implemented by Pro Vobis in partnership with Association for Civil Society Development SMART Croatia (, Brivpratigais.LV (, National Volunteer Centre (OKA) Hungary (, and Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations Slovakia ( from […]

Call for VPM mentors!

Note: The deadline for applications is March 25, 2014. Are you an expert in volunteer program management? Pro Vobis is looking for professionals interested in offering online mentoring to organisations in disaster-prone countries like India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The mentoring scheme is aimed at developing local volunteering programs in these organisations, with the help of an international EU Aid […]

Call for participants: GRUNDTVIG workshop

WHAT Grundtvig Workshop “ALPHABET OF VOLUNTEERING” on the development of tailored volunteer programs for literacy education, capacitating volunteers working with illiterate beneficiaries and promotion of literacy through volunteering programs with the aim of building the competencies of various practitioners involved in adult education, in order to enable them to develop tailored volunteering programs aimed at reducing illiteracy rates in communities across Europe.

Mark the date!

The National Volunteering Week 2014 (13th edition) will take place between May 12-18 2014. At the end of the month of March we will launch the online form for you to join the national calendar of events. Follow us on Facebook and for updates! The NVW is an annual national event which mobilizes as many organizations and their volunteers as possible, in […]

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