• “The Initiative Shelf – Developing Volunteering Programs in Libraries”

    Pro Vobis – The National Resource Centre for Volunteerism together with the National Association of the Librarians and Public Libraries of Romania (ANBPR), are implementing in the period of May 2014-June 2015 the project called “The Initiative Shelf – Developing Volunteering Programs in Libraries”, financed by the SEE Grants 2009-2014 included in the ONG Fond in Romania. The project has […]

  • “Employee looking for Volunteering”

    During the period of May 2014 and May 2015, Pro Vobis will implement the project called “Employee looking for Volunteering”, a project financed through the SEE Grants 2009-2014 included in the NGO Fond in Romania, with the purpose to develop and promote Employer Support Volunteering in Romania. The most recent studies in Romania (2011) show an increase at the level […]



Our mission is to develop volunteerism through training, consultancy, research and facilitation of networking of all interested stakeholders, and to promote volunteerism in Romania as a viable and irreplaceable resource in solving the problems our society is now facing.


  1. Organisations interested in involving volunteers
  2. Public institutions which can support volunteerism
  3. Socially responsible companies
  4. Volunteer managers
  5. Mass media
Volunteering is one of the most valuable means through which your company can get involved in the community, a tool that helps develop and retain employees and can increase a company’s visibility in the community as a responsible player.

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We offer personalized training and consultancy services, development of strategies and resources, facilitation of events on volunteering topics.

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We have over 20 years of experience in training and consultancy, facilitation of networking and organizing campaigns and events for hundreds of NGOs interested in improving their volunteer management systems.

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Volunteer manager? We have information and resources, training and networking opportunities that can help your professional development.  

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Are you a journalist or blogger interested in spreading the word about volunteers and coordinators that bring a positive change in their communities?

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Latest news

SoVol – Social Volunteering

CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE SOCIAL SECTOR through the Development of Volunteer Programs at Social Institutions in the CEE Region – SoVol This project’s goal is that the social sector in the CEE region realizes and learns to utilize the untapped potential that lies in the cooperation with the local community. Through the SoVol European project, social institutions (run by the government or […]

Tools launched at the Key to Excellency Conference

Thursday, April 7th, at “The Volunteer Manager: Key to Excellency in Volunteer Management” conference, we launched the 4 intellectual outputs of the project “Wake-Up Call: Volunteer Manager Role”, implemented by Pro Vobis in partnership with Association for Civil Society Development SMART Croatia (www.smart.hr), Brivpratigais.LV (www.brivpratigais.lv), National Volunteer Centre (OKA) Hungary (www.oka.hu, www.onkentes.hu) and Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations Slovakia (www.dobrovolnickecentra.sk) from […]


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