About us

Our mission is to develop volunteerism through training, consultancy, research and facilitation of networking of all interested stakeholders, and to promote volunteerism in Romania as a viable and irreplaceable resource in solving the problems our society is now facing.


  • NGOs willing and able to involve volunteers
  • Practitioners who work with volunteers
  • Public institutions that can support volunteerism
  • Socially responsible companies
  • Mass-media


Pro Vobis is an association founded in 1992 as a social services provider. Following the experience gathered in managing volunteers, in 1997 Pro Vobis layed the foundations of the first Volunteering Center in Romania, as an internal department. The demand of services in the field of volunteering determined us to redirect our mission and set up the first professional and independed Volunteering Center in the country, which contributed immensely to the promotion of this concept in Romania. In 2002, Pro Vobis became the National Center for Volunteering, and in  2010, our organization chose to align its name to our new activities, by becoming Pro Vobis – The National Resource Center for Volunteering.


Our vision is that of a Romanian society where each person brings a voluntary contribution to the development of the community where he or she lives, either by offering their time, knowledge, energy, skills, talent or experience, or by offering fincnail support to voluntary initiatives within the community. We envision a society where getting involved in a voluntary activity for the benefit of the community is an accepted and valued facet of everyone’s daily life, in harmony with his or her engagements towards family, education, work and recreation.


Pro Vobis, through its members, volunteers and staff, respects and promotes human rights without any discrimination, promotes active involvement in the life of the community and believes in the unlimited potential of each community member to participate in preventing and solving problems affecting the community. All our initiatives are guided by *non-discrimination, *fairness, *transparency, *efficiency, *professionalism, *continuous development, *a needs-based approach, *respecting current legislation and *social responsibility.



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