SoVol – Social Volunteering

CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE SOCIAL SECTOR through the Development of Volunteer Programs at Social Institutions in the CEE Region – SoVol This project’s goal is that the social sector in the CEE region realizes and learns to utilize the untapped potential that lies in the cooperation with the local community. Through the SoVol European project, social institutions (run by the government or […]


The REVEAL II – Open Educational Resources – Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning  project (Sept 2014 –  Aug. 2016) is financially supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2. The partners involved in this project are: CSV – Centro Solidarietà Incontro Ascolto e Prima Accoglienza (IT) BEST Institut (A) Felnőttképzők Szövetsége (HU) KSEAD – […]

Volunteering as a Tool for Inclusion

In summer 2013 the partnership consisting of volunteer centres and volunteer involving organisations from eight European countries started to implement the VTI Project – Volunteering as a Tool for Inclusion. The overall aim of this project is to increase the social inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalised groups through volunteering in partner countries and to share already existing experience/practices/tools in the field. […]

EU Aid Volunteers Building in Resilience

EU Aid Volunteers is an initiative of the European Commission based on The Lisbon Treaty and implemented by DG ECHO with the aim of offering international volunteering opportunities to EU citizens to be able to get involved in humanitarian aid and civil protection activities around the globe. From 2011, DG ECHO financed a number of pilot projects implemented by agencies and […]

Multisectorial mechanisms at community level

Multisectorial mechanisms at community level – the way forward for harnessing the power of volunteering is a general purpose grant from C.S. Mott Foundation that supported our work for the period 2013-2014.  Overall aim: Developing innovative multisectorial mechanisms at community level between relevant stakeholders that can have a positive and sustainable impact on volunteerism. Objectives for the 2013-2014 grant period: […]

Our strategy to develop volunteerism between 2011-2012

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (USA) has been supporting for over 10 years our strategy for developing volunteerism in Romania, through operational grants covering batches of 2 years. Our strategy for the 2011-2012 period had as objectives the continuation of our efforts to: Develop the infrastructure for volunteerism in Romania Training and consultancy Development of resources (publications, pilot programs, mechanisms) […]

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