EVS Realm – Masters of the Learning Path

EVS Realm – Masters of the Learning Path is a project implemented by Pro Vobis – National Resource Center for Volunteering (Romania) together with its 3 partners Politistiko Ergastiri (Cyprus), ANAWOJ (Poland) and European Volunteer Center (Belgium), under the Strategic Partnerships (Youth) of the Erasmus+ Programme, with the financial support of the European Commission.

The project aims to increase the quality of EVS projects, implemented all throughout Europe and especially in the 4 partner countries by developing the organizational capacity of volunteer involving organizations in relation to EVS projects, with a special focus on the mentoring dimension, highly underestimated and underused in EVS projects. Bearing this in mind, we aim at improving the quality of the proposed EVS learning experiences, developing tools and resources for mentors engaged in EVS and increasing the awareness of key stakeholders as to the role of mentors in enhancing the overall experience provided by an EVS project.

All 4 organizations are active in the field of volunteering in general and EVS in particular. The partners have an extensive experience in EVS project and volunteer management, and are keen promoters of a qualitative approach to all elements of these projects.

The project has a duration of 30 months and its anticipated results include 4 intellectual outputs:

-> O1 – EVS Strong Houses Mastery Class – a Training Design for EVS hosting organizations – focused on organizational management in relation with quality EVS project design;

->  O2 – Mentors Initiation Journey Itinerary – a Training Kit for EVS mentors, including a curriculum, agenda, methods – focused on understanding the mentoring process and supporting the effort of becoming a mentor within an EVS setting

->  O3 – Mentors TreasureBox in EVS – a real ToolBox for EVS mentors, containing proposals of tools and mentoring techniques for different phases in mentoring relationship, different volunteering projects, different mentoring needs

->  O4 – Policy Paper on EVS Quality – containing besides the description of EVS and other volunteering programs in Europe, EVS fact sheets and concrete policy proposals for the improvement of transnational volunteering programs

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