Centrul Național de Resurse pentru Voluntariat

Multisectorial mechanisms at community level

Multisectorial mechanisms at community level – the way forward for harnessing the power of volunteering is a general purpose grant from C.S. Mott Foundation that supported our work for the period 2013-2014. 

Overall aim: Developing innovative multisectorial mechanisms at community level between relevant stakeholders that can have a positive and sustainable impact on volunteerism.

Objectives for the 2013-2014 grant period:

(1) To increase the involvement in and recognition of volunteering by companies as a tool for investing in the community and for fulfilling their business needs.

Developing tailored services and resources for companies, as well as developing innovative collaborative mechanisms between companies and other stakeholders that have an impact on the development and sustainability of volunteering initiatives at community level.

(2) To increase the recognition of volunteerism by public institutions at local and national level, and increase their support for volunteering as a resource for social development.

Advocacy, information, resources and services tailored to public institutions.

(3) To capacitate practitioners in the field of volunteering to pursue professional development and develop collaborative mechanisms among themselves and at community level.

Training and facilitation of networking and sharing of experience.

(4) To enable VIOs to efficiently harness volunteer skills and other community resources needed for quality volunteering programs, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Developing tailored services, resources, and facilitating collaboration between various stakeholders.

(1)   To promote active, wide and correct mass-media coverage of the volunteerism movement.

Generating attractive stories, publishing materials, and gathering journalists at specific events that have potential of generating news about volunteering initiatives.

(2)   To strengthen the organisational, financial and image capital of Pro Vobis needed for increasing the impact and sustainability of its actions.

In order to increase its overall capacity to positively influence volunteerism, Pro Vobis seeks to position itself as a service provider for various stakeholders that have an impact on the development and sustainability of volunteerism, to attract community funds and expertise to support its strategy, and to continuously develop its staff.