Primul training in cadrul proiectului EVS Realm

In luna august va avea loc primul training din cadrul proiectului EVS Realm – Masters of the Learning Path. Vom explora impreuna cu participantii, reprezentanti ai Organizatiilor Gazda din 4 tari europene, modalitati prin care sa dezvoltam si implementam proiecte SEV cu impact pe termen lung in comunitate si in viata voluntarilor gazduiti.

Becoming a Strong House in the EVS Realm – a Training for EVS Hosting Organizations

Pro Vobis – National Resource Center for Volunteering is searching for 10 organizations which are testing the EVS waters and are interested in increasing the quality of their future EVS projects by developing an improved approach to project design and management. Or shortly put, organizations yearning to become STRONG HOUSES in the magical EVS Realm!


poza trainingWhy should you join us?

Because you believe:

  • Through EVS your organization can address real community issues and needs
  • EVS can contribute to accomplishing your organizations’ mission
  • You can create valuable learning experiences for the young European volunteers.

The intensive learning process we have prepared will help you prove yourself right.



Building the capacity of beginner EVS hosting organizations to design meaningful projects that respond to community needs while providing valuable learning experiences for the volunteers.

How will we do this?

We propose a two-part learning path – a process focused on improving the quality of the EVS projects implemented by 25 selected organizations from the 4 partner countries (10 from Romania and 5 each from Cyprus, Poland and Belgium)

Part 1a 5-day residential training – offering a different perspective on EVS projects design, in direct link with community needs and organizational capacity. We will learn about ourselves, the others, and about the elements that bring magic to EVS.

Part 2 a one-year follow-up process – what we will learn we’ll share with others and also create a professional community for EVS practitioners that will receive further opportunities for learning and increasing skills and will get involved in a piloting phase of the project outputs.

 1. The training Becoming a Strong House in the EVS Realm

When? 25 – 31 August 2017 (including arrival and departure days)

Who? It brings together 28 participants from Romania, Cyprus, Poland and Belgium,

What? The selected participants will lay the bases for a new EVS community who will:

–          understand the importance of a thorough needs assessment process and a correct organizational capacity analysis for the design of a successful EVS project;

–          develop skills and attitudes that will increase the quality of the EVS projects designed, especially their learning dimension;

–          explore and learn new tools relevant for the EVS volunteers’ management system;

–          develop the motivation and interest in creating meaningful learning paths for the EVS volunteers and preparing the Masters who need to guide these paths;

–          contribute to creating a professional community of EVS youth workers that will afterwards share experiences and support each other in the implementation of future co-operations in EVS projects.

2. The Follow-Up (September 2017-October 2018) – the journey only begins after the training! Among the most exciting parts of the journey we can already foresee:

–  starting and being part of an EVS professional community,

–  piloting – using the tools offered within the EVS Realm in actual EVS projects applied in the October 2017 deadline,

–  developing and testing tools and materials for other Houses in the Realm,

–  offering feedback on the tools and materials developed and tested during the piloting phase,

–  having the chance to send your mentors to a further training in the EVS Realm, specially designed for them, where they can get their own Mentors ToolBox (June 2018, Cyprus),

–  using and disseminating the tools offered and sharing this experience to other stakeholders.


Who? Your organization!

If your organization:

  • is accredited for EVS projects (hosting accreditation) – newly accredited or in the past 3 years;
  • has limited or no experience in implementing EVS projects (even if it has applied hosting projects that were not approved, not applied hosting projects at all yet, or has even implemented a few hosting projects but feels it needs more support in improving them);
  • feels the need to understand how to properly structure an EVS project, is motivated in becoming more professional and equipping one staff member to be able to design qualitative EVS projects in accordance with community needs that are connected to their organizational strategy;
  • is motivated in taking part in the training follow-up process of building an EVS professional community, including testing the outputs, offering feedback, insights and using the tools created in the EVS Realm project;
  • will delegate one person (the EVS project coordinator, EVS project writer) for actively taking part in the entire process described above: training (25-31 August 2017) and follow-up process (September 2017 – October 2018), able to communicate well in English and willing to commit to this long-term learning process;
  • fills in the application form until the set deadline (20th July 2017);                                                                                                                                                       …then welcome to the EVS Realm!


We will use methods specific to non-formal education and learning, both individual and group methods, taking into consideration the participants’ needs. Some example of the methods are: group work, role-play, simulation, case-studies, debates, organizational tools, workshops, personal development tools, individual and group reflections, learning and introspection cards, creative activities etc.


The training will take place in Maramures county, some say a magical area, in the North-Western part of Romania, approximately 4 hours from the Cluj-Napoca airport. Selected participants will be offered organized transportation with the entire group, by bus, from Cluj-Napoca to the training venue.

 Participation costs?

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme, the costs covered for the training course include: 100% of accommodation and food as well as international travel costs (in the maximum amount of 275 euro, calculated based on the distance band between Romania and Cyprus, Poland and Belgium).


If this sounds like something you want to do, apply now!

 How to do that? Fill in this application form.

The application procedure is open for organizations interested in participating in the entire process, until the 24th of July, 2017, each applicant being informed via email about the results of the selection until the end of July.

Any questions you may have, please send them via email to