Centrul Național de Resurse pentru Voluntariat


The REVEAL II – Open Educational Resources – Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning  project (Sept 2014 –  Aug. 2016) is financially supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2. The partners involved in this project are:

  • CSV – Centro Solidarietà Incontro Ascolto e Prima Accoglienza (IT)
  • BEST Institut (A)
  • Felnőttképzők Szövetsége (HU)
  • KSEAD – Kultur Sanat Egitim Akademi Dernegi (TR)
  • IHF – Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl (B)
  • ETNOLIGA – Fundacja dla Wolnosci (PL)
  • HELP (HR)
  • PRO VOBIS – Centrul National de Resurse pentru Voluntariat (RO)
  • FORUM – Idéburna organisationer med social inriktning (SE)
  • IWS – Internet Web Solutions Srl (ES)
  • IDP – Italian Development Partners SAS (IT)
  • NCVO – National Council for Voluntary Organisations (UK)

OER-REVEAL-2 builds on the success and lessons of REVEAL, a best practice project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme. OER-REVEAL-2 builds upon a successful project that produced 12 courses in 6 languages and transposes it into OER environment in 11 languages.

In this follow-up proposal, the partnership will:

A) widen the geographical scale by including new countries and languages. OER-REVEAL-2 will expand the coverage of the project to include 12 partners representing 11 languages that are spoken officially in 16 EU Member States and Candidate Countries

B) enlarge the technical and operational scope by including new topics for specific training topics devoted to adult learners in the domain of the third sector and volunteering, with a learning offer of Adult Education that encompasses 21 courses along 7 themes, from Project Management for the Third Sector to Fundraising

C) open the project results to the widest public through Open Educational Resources: the purpose of this proposal is to bring into OER environment the wealth of knowledge, materials and content, specifically:

1. the web-based self assessment tool, to map, formalize and value the knowledge and competences of adult learners / volunteers identifying specific capacity and learning gaps

2. a set of multilevel web-based training solutions to address those gaps through customised learning solutions for adult learners and volunteers

3. interactive training content & material, library of relevant knowledge, expertise, case studies, etc

The partnership encompasses representatives of the third sector, volunteering associations, facilitators for the volunteering sector, private sector service providers and research centers active in the field of civil society and volunteering. OER-REVEAL-2 brings together the various participants of the adult learning domain for the third sector, with a strong emphasis on Pan-European Open Educational Resources that are accessible in 11 languages for the realisation of the EU2020 inclusive growth through improved adult learning opportunities to sustain the societal and economic impact of volunteering in EU.

For more information please access www.revealvolunteering.eu.