For the press

Volunteerism is an important value for you as a journalist or as a blogger and you believe in the power of a community’s ability to shape its own destiny to the better, trhough volunteer involvement? Are you interested in sharing positive stories?

We are here for you to:

  • Put you in contact with various organisations and volunteers from around Romania
  • Inform you on the state of volunteerism in Romania and in Europe
  • Offer you resources and publications in the field of volunteerism
  • Create campaigns that promote the concept of volunteering

What recommends us as a resource center on volunteerism issues? We have worked with hundreds of NGOs and institutions that involve volunteers (mainly in Romania but also abroad), we initiated the National Volunteering Week over 12 years ago and more recently a federation gathering the most important NGOs that support volunteerism in Romania (VOLUM Federation), we are involved in lobbying for the Law of Volunteering and have been a key actor in implementing the European Year of Volunteering in Romania, we are affiliated to the most relevant international bodies (such as the European Volunteer Center  – CEV, structure in which we hold the vicepresidency chair) and we are involved in consultation at EU level in our field.

Contact Tel./Fax: 004-0264-412 897 Program: 09:00-17:00 Cluj-Napoca | Romania