Centrul Național de Resurse pentru Voluntariat

What we work towards

(1) Networking –Developing institutional links between citizens (through companies, institutions, NGOs) and volunteering opportunities, and connecting national practices in the field of volunteering with international practices.

(2)  Good practices  – Developing innovative multisectorial mechanisms and volunteering good-practice models involving institutional partners (companies, VIOs, public institutions like libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, etc.), and developing a rich expertise in the planning, development and management of volunteering schemes in general, with a focus on skilled volunteers.

(3) Instruments – Strengthening our position as an expert in the field of volunteering by becoming an acknowledged service provider for benchmarking/evaluation instruments, training, setting good-practice standards in the field of volunteering in general and corporate volunteering in particular.

(4) Dissemination – Strengthening our position as a know-how and resource center in the field of volunteering for mass-media, companies, institutions and NGOs, and reflecting nation-wide the state of the volunteer movement in Romania.